First of all, the term „kid“ in the title is not to be taken literal. But if a 16 year old Style Rookie called Tavi consults glossy fashion magazines and 50 something Diane Pernet tells 20 year old fashion film directors what’s cool and and what’s not, any terminology connected to age groups becomes oblivious. At least in the lifestyle world.

My jobs within the luxury and lifestyle industry have recently all taken me to the same question over and over again.

Who says what’s cool?

It’s all there, everywhere and especially on the internet. Bloggers, magazines, tweets and facebook pages all battle for their piece of the cool-cat cake. There is so much stuff around that some intelligent people have taken to actually collecting and assembling contents rather than produce even more. The terms du jour are crowd sourcing and content curation.

For many bloggers, curating and screening has only been helpful backstage, for they are not well-known or out in the limelight enough to boldly announce their knowledge and actually find a relevant set of believers in their preaching.

Quite a few brands, media outlets and coporate companies are facing the opposite problem – they have an audience but no content!

Since the beginning of time, the magic path to coolness is about involving cool people and rubbing off on their coolness factor.They want to be cool but don’t know what is cool. So why not bring big companies together with all those creative kids?

Here is an overview of my favorite cool places that involve cool people to share their knowledge of cool. (which all have a commercial raison-d’etre of course)

Mr. Porter Style Council (content curation for eCommerce)

Style icons galore. The Council of Net-a-porter’s brother provides “insider tips from the worlds most stylish and well connected men,” – its members include some of the world’s most incredible photographers, musicians, editors and designers, as well as MB’s very own CEO and Founder Ben Wolstenholme .

Avantgarde Diaries (curated by for Mercedes Benz)

In an Internet time and culture that rarely amounts to anything more than cool hunting, it’s a beautiful surprise to come across a site that has a clear dedication to how creativity and the arts actually function. Click your way around the Avant/Garde Diaries for conversations from (largely German) designers and artists discussing not only their own work, but what the fringes of their disciplines look like.

Insiderei (curator & content producer)

Think of the world´s most beautiful spots, stunning hotels, fantastic restaurants, amazing places, all in one cool website. Here, these places are not promoted by some faceless onliners but by people in the know. Musicians, chefs, writers, you name it. The outcome is a high quality very authentic travel guide for people who want the best. (content producer)

Fancy some culture? is a premium online video magazine for contemporary culture. Devised by an experienced editorial team, its content is aimed at a digital audience of style conscious and culturally curious, global citizens.

The Art of Trench (crowdsourced for Burberry)

In 2009 (yes, the same year fantastic Bailey became Burberry’s chief creative officer) Burberry launched Art of the Trench, a photo-sharing website dedicated to images, past and present, of people sporting the Burberry trench coat. Art of Trench showcases images from professional fashion photographers, Magnum photographers and the public and includes contributions from celebrated fashion photo-blogger Scott Schuman, better known as The Sartorialist.

NOWNESS curated by LVMH

Every day, the beautifully simple NOWNESS website presents a single article about art, fashion, travel, culture,design, film, music, sport or gastronomy. NOWNESS articles are mainly image driven -they include photography slideshows, films, audio clips,interactive projectsand interviews. Nowness is full of content-greatness and have featured artists such as Marina Abramovic, David Lynch, Pedro Almodovar, Mario Testino, Spike Jonze, among others.

SWIDE curates content by D&G

D&G’s widgetized Swide online magazine combines high-style with hightech and pulls in content from D&G’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels.

The Harley-Davidson Ridebook

Aaahh, if I was a hipster biker, this would quite possibly make my heart melt. The Ridebook faeatures romantic and non-greasy content for people who like to buy a Harley as a lifestyle gadget. What you will find: a curated selection of editorial submissions from independent filmmakers, writers and photographers. Together they form an interactive introduction to the culture of Harley-Davidson in the 21st century, for new and existing riders alike.