SkillsConcept & Design

Project Description

Products of the wild, Austrian red deer are among the highest quality foods that nature has to offer. Its natural environment allows the deer great freedom of movement, a stress-free life and a diet of exclusively natural plants. As a result, red deer meat, the venison, is significantly healthier and more ethnically acceptable to us than the meat of old livestock kept in stables. The venison is free from drug residues and hormones, contains 20% less fat and is rich in vital trace elements, vitamins and minerals.

Wir haben den Wald gesehen, in seiner ganzen Pracht, haben das Laub und die Gerüche der Natur, das feuchte Moos gefühlt….

Corportate Identity

In order to stay true to the natural essence of the product, we decided to chose imagery close to nature and the natural habitat of the animals. The packaging is made out of recycled paper and biodegradable, making this a sustainable product from sourcing to consumption.