People I very much enjoy working with

Andreas and I have been working together for more than a decade. What makes him and his work special is passion to create something unique and the incredible love for detail he puts into his photography and film work.

Katrin and her team are not only amazing to work with but also sensitive finders of great CIs for my clients. They are versatile in their approach to fit clients needs and highly efficient design consultants.

Sound design made to measure. Stefan’s speciality is to go out and record sounds in nature, in factories, on the scene. That way, he creates truly unique sounds for adverts, films or soundtracks.

Need perfectly mixed sound for a TVC, an image film or a jingle? These are the guys I have chosen to work with on many occasions and received excellent results.

Marie-Alice oversees the entire process of film making – from the set design to story boarding. Her approach is dreamy and her creative output is always based on a fairy-tale world full of imagination.

In terms of technical approach in UX, Anton brings his strong usability and design focus to the table in order to create a truly enjoayable user-interface for our clients. His background in coding makes his ideas feasible.