Waldschuetz & for A Shaded View on Fashion

Hooray, Meta.Morph, the amazing fashion film by Andreas Waldschuetz was chosen to particiate at A Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival by Fashion Grand Dame Diane Pernet.

We are excited how Meta.Morph will perform this weekend, after already having made it to VOGUE Italia. But enough talking… View the film right here!

Once again Una Burke, notorious for her incredible leather statue like garments, and Andreas have teamed up to create something beautiful. This most recent collection of sculptural accessories and armour like body pieces investigates the changes that occur when prosthetic limbs and medical braces where to buy viagra online are applied to a body.

In the research stages of this project Úna was struck by a series images called “Beautiful Pictures”. These were developed by the disabled artist Nicola Lane in 2001 for an installation called Aesthetics of Prosthetics.